Citroen C2 R2 Max

Kits and prices

C2MAX-KIT-TERR-230 (Gravel kit, Engine kit, Short Ratio Gearbox)
Nomenclature C2MAX-ADAPT-AT-010 Tarmac to Gravel Adapt
C2MAX-ADAPT-TA-010 Gravel to Tarmac Adapt
C2MAX-KIT-ASPH-230 (Kit Tarmac, Kit Engine, Short Ratio Gearbox)
Nomenclature C2MAX-KIT-ASPH-232 (Tarmac Kit, Assembled Engine, Short Ratio Gearbox)
C2MAX-KIT-TERR-232 (Gravel Kit, Assembled Engine, Short Ratio Gearbox)
C2MAX-OPT-CHPR-010 (Bodyshell Oponent Option)
C2MAX-OPT-MOPR-010 ( Engine Oponent Option)


InfoCom N°063 Specific Fuels For Competition
InfoCom N°062 C2R2MAX Engine Revision Kit
InfoCom N°055 C2R2 and C2R2MAX Drive Shaft Evolutions
InfoCom N°049 Xenon Headlights Rail
InfoCom N°028 Rimes 6,5x16 ET10
InfoCom N°031 Engine/Gearbox Mounting Category R2 Homologated
InfoCom N°035 Strengthened Steering Rack
InfoCom N°044 Back Damper Spring Guide Kit
InfoCom N°037 Arch Bodyshells
InfoCom N°064 Data Logging
InfoCom N°065 Driver And Co-Driver Foot Rest
InfoCom N°079 Bos Engineering Shock Absorbers servicing
InfoCom N°044 Back Damper Spring Guide Kit
InfoCom N°040 Brake Pressure Sensors
InfoCom N°018 Flotting Rear Disc Diam 300
InfoCom N°089 Gravel Protection Kit
InfoCom N°014 12X53 Torque
Infocom N°111 Ultra-powerful Ventilation
InfoCom N°103 C2R2 and MAX : Certification of flexible tanks
InfoCom N°049 Xenon Headlights Rail
InfoCom N°080 C2R2MAX Additionnal Silencer

Technical information

N°2510 - Front and Rear axle, wheel studs
N°0908 - Front up-right, check.
N°3707 Clutch, using conditions and replacement schedule
N°1509 -Setups Evolution
N°1409 - Engine fan bracket, Length screw reduction.
N°1309 - Chapel Extension Tube Modification
N°1208 Racing engine loom, SRA connectors seals.
N°1108 - ECU Waterproof
N°1008 - 5 gears sequential Gearbox.
N°0808 - Engine oil temperature sensor.
N°0708 - Clutch disk, pads.
N°0508 - Fuel Tank Protection
N°0408 -Alternator, reliability modifications.
N°0308 - C2R2 and C2R2 MAX gearbox instructions.
N°0208 -Front Brake Disc
N°1609 - Cooloing Pump Fuse GB
N°1709 - Engine loom, motorised throttle connector .
N°1809 - Tumbler Height
N°3413 - Steering column locking
N°3311 - Tightening Transmissions
N°3110 - Throttle Body Connector, electrical contact improvement
N°2910 - Engine power cut.
N°2810 - Doors Lightening.
N°2610 - Battery ground braid mounting
N°2410 - Dashboard
N°2309 - Gearbox bracket
N°2209 - Engine and Gearbox mountings assembly process
N°2109 - Body, rear « quick release » hobby
N°2009 - Gearbox Upgrade
N°1909 - Demands for Expertise
N°0108 - C2R2 MAX front shocks absorber.