Citroen DS3 R3

Kits and prices

DS3R3-KIT-TERR-310 (DS3 R3 Kit, All In One, Gravel)
DS3 R3 All In One Kit
DS3 R3 Options And Kits Prices (Infocom 102 V3)
DS3R3-OPT-CHPR-010 (Chassis Parts Option)
DS3 R3 GRAVEL KIT "3 in 1" DS3R3-KIT-TERR-410
DS3R3-ADAPT-AT-020 (Tarmac to Travel Transformation Kit)
DS3R3-ADAPT-TA-020 (Gravel to Tarmac Transformation Kit)
DS3R3-KIT-ASPH-210 (Tarmac Kit, Assembled Engine)
DS3R3-KIT-ASPH-310 (DS3 R3 Kit, All In One)
DS3R3-KIT-TERR-210 (Gravel Kit, Assembled Engine)


DS3R3 Plaquettes Specification
DS3 R3 Presentation
InfoCom N°1901 Tank Fuel Homologation
InfoCom N°079 BOS damper maintnance
InfoCom N°104 : Option DS3 R3 - Open Window
InfoCom N°106 DS3 R3: “Cockpit” and “Steering Wheel” looms
InfoCom N°107 : Build your DS3R3 easily with the new kit“all in 1”
DS3 R3: Exchange of the central bearing and rotating elements of a turbocharger
InfoCom N°111 : Ultra-powerful ventilation
InfoCom N°114 : Gearbox Evolution
InfoCom N°117b : DS3 R3 : Anti-Roll Bar
InfoCom N°129 DS3 R1/ R3 / R3Max: Fuel pump cover closing
InfoCom N°131 : DS 3 R3 / R3Max dashboard display (DS3 R3)

Technical information

Michelin Pneumatic Information
InfoTech DS3R3 Racing Plus spark plugs DS3 R3
Cylindrical Return Door
Clutch Housing
Cassette Housing
BV Final Assembly
cassette housing assembly
InfoTech DS3R3 Flash light unit