Citroen C2 R2


InfoCom N°013 Transmission Bellows
Infocom N°111 Ultra-Powerful Ventilation
InfoCom N°103 Certification of Flexible Tanks
InfoCom N°100 Kit de Transformation C2R2 vers C2R2MAX Transformation Kit C2R2 to C2R2MAX
InfoCom N°093 - C2 Weight Reduction Door
InfoCom N°089 - C2 Wheel Arch Protection
InfoCom N°065 Driver And Co-Driver Foot Rest
InfoCom N°064 Data Logging
InfoCom N°049 Xenon Headlights Rail
InfoCom N°037 New Definition Of Safety Arch Bodyshells
InfoCom N°014 Couple 12X53
InfoCom N°022 Flexibles Fuel Tank
InfoCom N°025 Steering Colum Support Assembly
InfoCom N°030 Oil And Fuel Pressure Sensors Kit
InfoCom N°031 Engine/Gearbox Mounting Category R2 Homologated
InfoCom N°035 Reinforced Steering Link Arm
InfoCom N°036 Kit To Convert A C2R2 Asphalte Into A C2R2 Max Asphalte

Technical information

InfoTech N°2910 Engine power cut
InfoTech N°2810 Weight Reduction Door
InfoTech N°27/07 : Steering column bracket
InfoTech N°2306 Valve Springs Preparation.
InfoTech N°2206 Steering ECU rubber mounting.
InfoTech N°21/09 : Body, rear « quick release » hobby.
InfoTech N°21/06 : Front struts, bearing and seal assembly
InfoTech N°3007 Clutch pedal limit stop adjusting
InfoTech N°3107 Driveshaft reliability
InfoTech N°3207 Pads retainers axes, front calipers.
InfoTech N°3307 Gearbox, throw out bearing guide
InfoTech N°3507 Clutch cable checking.
InfoTech N°3607 ECU soft and map modification for new option racing loom kit.
InfoTech N°3707 Clutch, using conditions and replacement schedule.
InfoTech N°3908 Front brake circuit, « gravel » spec.
InfoTech N°2006 Throttle Valve
InfoTech N°1906 C2 VTS, Multiplexing
InfoTech N°0206 Bodyshell Transformation
InfoTech N°0306 Monobloc Indexer Replacement, Gearbox
InfoTech N°0406 Engine Technical Data InfoTech C2R2
InfoTech N°0606 Engine Informations C2R2
InfoTech N°0806 Front Damper Top Screw Tarmac
InfoTech N°0906 Engine Assembly, Oil Montage Moteur, Pissettes d'Huile
InfoTech N°1106 Injector Loom
InfoTech N°1206 SRA (additive) Unit protection
InfoTech N°1306 SRA Unit Configuration
InfoTech N°1406 SRA Unit Isolation
InfoTech N°1506 Sequential Gearbox Checking
InfoTech N°1506 Fitting Orientation Friction Disc
InfoTech N°1606 Statement Electric Masse C2 Challenge and C2R2
InfoTech N°1706 Engine Fitting Support by Gearbox Side
InfoTech N°1806 Transmissions
InfoTech N°0106 Subframe Transformation