Citroen C3 Rally2

Citroën C3 Rally2 is Citroën Racing flagship in RC2, the customer competition oriented FIA rally class. In Europe, Asia and Latin America, on tarmac, gravel and snow, C3 Rally2 crews write down rally history with their successes and titles.

Performancereliability and cost efficiency are at the core of C3 Rally2 development. Relying on the successful years of Citroën Racing in rally and well as talented drivers, Citroën C3 Rally2 has been thoroughly tested and analysed. This results in a polyvalent car, capable of winning on WRC or regional rallies alike.

Chassis and ground connection

Just like its sister in WRC, Citroën C3 Rally2 has two different front suspension geometry, one for tarmac and one for gravel. In the end, the car is totally optimised for both surface, without compromising on performance.

Olivier Maroselli adds that « the structs is angled towards the rear for tarmac, for cinematic reasons, and towards the front for gravel, for suspension travel reasons. This is a strong asset for the C3 Rally2, as we do not make any compromise."

Engine and gearbox

Built internally, the engine was a critical piece on the development process of the car. Citroën Racing technical staff focused on three main categories.

- Reliability and thermic performance with the sofisticated internal parts of the engine

- The cylinder head for an improved permeability for both intake and exhaust. 

- Electronic system, with a great step-up allowing a better anti-lag system, which translates into better throttle response. It also allows to be near the turbo maximum allowed pressure, without opening the pop-off.

Olivier Masorelly : "With hard work and ingenuity, we built a great engine, which is one of the key advantage of the car. Drivers' feedback highlight a strong torque as well as great power"

When it comes to gearbox, Citroën Racing turned to world best supplier. Hence, Citroën C3 Rally2 is equiped with a SADEV five speed sequential gearbox.


The development of a rally car happens in different phases. From the first drafts in the research department early 2017 to more than six thousand kilometers of intensive testing on all surface and conditions before the official launch.

Talended international drivers and co-drivers have contributed and still contribute to the development of the C3 Rally2 : Stéphane Lefebvre, Yoann Bonato, Craig Breen, Kris Meeke, Yohan Rossel, Paolo Andreucci et Simone Tempestini. Their feedbacks and experience have been critical to the success of the development.

However, the seek of performance and reliability is a never ending process. Hence, Citroën Racing technical staff is always working on making C3 Rally2 the best rally car possible.


Citroën C3 Rally2 is sold assembled, ready to race, in tarmac or gravel specification depending on the customer's need. It is delivered with high standard equipments.

Citroën Racing proposes également spare kits with competitive price when bought simultaneously with the car : 

- Gearbox Kit

- Rear Differential Kit

- Turbo Kit

- Body and Lightning Kit

- Tool Kit

Technical sheet


Structure : Reinforced body with welded, multi-point roll cage

Bodywork : Steel and composite fiber


Type : Citroën Racing 1.6liter turbocharged engine with FIA regulated 32mm restrictor

Bore x Stroke : 77 x 85.8 mm

Capacity : 1598 cc

Maximum power : 282 bhp at 5000 rpm

Maximum torque : 420 Nm at 4000 rpm

Specific output : 178 bhp/L

Distribution : Double overhead camshaft driven by chain, 4 valve per cylinder

Fuel feed : Direct injection controlled by SRG Magneti Marelli unit



Type : Cerametallic twin-disk


Type : Four wheel drive

Gearbox : Sadev 5-speed sequential gearbox - Manual control

Différentials : Front and rear mechanical differential, self-locking



Front : Ventilated disks, 355mm (tarmac) and 300mm (gravel) - Alcon 4-pistons calipers

Rear : Ventilated disks, 355mm (tarmac) and 300mm (gravel) - Alcon 4-pistons calipers

Handbrake : Hydraulic control


Type : McPherson

Shock absorbers : Reiger three-way adjustable (low and high speed compresion, rebound)


Type : Hydraulic power assisted steering


Tarmac : 8x18" wheels - Michelin tyres

Gravel : 7x15" wheels - Michelin tyres


Lenght - Width : 3996 mm - 1820 mm

Wheel base : 2567 mm

Track : 1618 mm (avant et arrière)

Fuel tank : 81 liters

Weight : 1230 kg minimum / 1390 kg with crew (regulated)


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