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F21 Front Brake

F21 Front Brake

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Ref: DS3R1-F210.BASE.01
-- 1 4249J6 VENTILATED BRAKE DISC Ø283x26 x2 + -
2 6905-36 Fhc screw Ø6x100-14 x4 + -
3 4401P8 CYLINDRE ETRIER G x1 + -
-- 4 BCSP4404H7 CHAPE ETRIER G x1 + -
5 4401P9 CYLINDRE ETRIER D x1 + -
-- 6 BCSP4404H8 CHAPE ETRIER D x1 + -
7 440547 Vis support étriers x4 + -
8 1F2121170A Front Brake Pad Set DS3000 FCP1399 x1 + -

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Several types of front brake pads are available.


With regard to origin (Ferrodo DS3000 Part number : 1F2121170A) the

characteristics are the following ones:


Corrosive: +

Easy to use

Easy grinding Fast temperature setting


Caution: Not to use with the heat shields of plates.


The other types of brake pads are accessible in chapter "DS3 Options".




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