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Front/Rear Brake Pads

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Ref: DS3R3-F210.OPT.020
1 1F2164130B JJ1 tarmac brake pad set x1 + -
2 1F2164731A Heat Shield for Front Brake DS3 R3 x4 + -
-- 3 1F2162592A Rear Brake Pad Set ST35 x1 + -
4 1F4162597A RS4.4 Brake pad set x1 + -
5 1F6363649B Master Cylinder D15,875 (0.625) x1 + -
6 1F2164749B CL BRAKES C01R BRAKE PAD SET x1 + -

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Subject: Brake pad characteristics.

Front brake pads:

- Ferrodo DS3000 Reference: 1F2162589A

Initial Bite: +

Easy to use

Easy bedding

Quick warm up

Attention: Do not use with the brake pad heat shield

- Alcon ST35 Reference: 1F2162592A

Initial Bite: ++

For tarmac use only

Very strong initial bite

Attention: For Right foot braking only (convey a lot of heat to the


- Alcon JJ1 Reference: 1F2164130A

Initial Bite: +

Very good heat barrier

Good consistency

Attention: requires a precise bedding (see information JJ1 pad bedding


- Carbone Lorraine Réf.1F2164749B

Mordant ++

Easy bedding

Quick Warm up

Attention : Do not use with the brake pad heat shield

Rear Brake pads:

- Ferrodo DS3000 Reference: 1F4162596A

Easy to use

Easy bedding

Quick warm up

Recommended pairing with Ferrodo DS3000 pads at the front

- Carbone Lorraine MR2 Reference: 1F4162598A

Very good thermal capacity

Attention: For tarmac use only + Recommended pairing with Alcon ST35

pads at the front

- Pagid RS4.4 Reference: 1F4162597A

Very good thermal capacity

Recommended pairing with Alcon JJ1 pads at the front


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