"Citroën C3 R5 allows our drivers to win in all conditions and surface !"

Direction South of France to meet one of the main actors in French motorsport landscape : Chazel Technologie Course.

"Citroën C3 R5 allows our drivers to win in all conditions and surface !"

Created in 1993 by Renaud Chazel, the French company is specialised in both preparing and renting race cars, rally and track alike. Based in Saint-Hippolyte du Fort, Chazel manages around thirty cars, among which half are available for rent. 

With twelve employees and its double expertise, Chazel Technologie Course is able to operate both local and international programs.

Renaud Chazel, fondeur and team manageur of Chazel Technologie Course

"I've been CHAZEL Technologie Course team manager for more than 25 years now. I am at the center of the team's strategy but I still go to rallyes and races.

I started as a motorist, I still work 100% in the workshop where I manage our activities. Chazel Technologie Course remains a family business. My son and daughter work together with me, they oversee all logistic and admistrative operations.

More than anything, I am a field person, the motorsport passion is my driving force. What do I enjoy the most? Being with my pilots !

In addition to our workshop activities, we have specialised Chazel Technologie Course on race cars rent. Now, we propose a complete range of cars both in rally and track, which allows us to answer to every needs from our drivers."

As a team manager, why buying a R5 and what do you expect from it?

"R5 category (Rally2 in new FIA classification FIA, editor's note) is now the best in customer competion for rally. We have been proposing these cars for more than six years. They allow our drivers to fight for victory on any rally. Their competitiveness and performance is indisputable. 

As a team manager and entrepreneur, reliability is a key aspect for us. For us, it is the main evaluation criteria for a race car, even more for a R5."

How long have you owned a Citroën C3 R5 for ? 

"We have been one of the first team to get involved in the Citroën C3 R5 project. We purchased our first C3 R5 as early as November 2018. We have been convinced by Citroën Racing involvement in the development process, their know-how when it comes to rally. "

In what conditions do you use it ? 

"We use C3 R5 on every surface (Gravel, Tarmac and Snow) and type of rally (from local event to WRC). C3 R5 is easy to handle. The car adapts very well to all driving styles."

Comment se déroule son exploitation et la relationship with Racing Shop?

"Racing Shop team is highly involved in its projects and attentively takes into consideration feedback from teams and drivers. As a result, C3 R5 is an extremely reliable car.

I greatly value the reactiveness and disponiblity of their technical support, during rallyes as well as during the week.

Our long date partnership with Citroën Racing and Peugeot Sport has created strong bonds between our structures.

C3 R5 is now the absolute reference in the R5 category ! Which makes us proud to be among the first teams to have chosen C3 R5."