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Jean-Michel Da Cunha and C3 R5 win 2019 French Cup Final, the french rally amateur title !


Crew Jean-Michel Da Cunha - Sébastien Durand (Citroën C3 R5 - CHL) win the 2019 French Cup Final organized around Albi, France after an incredible fight against David Salanon.

The french cup final is the main event for amateur rally in France. More than two hundred crews, qualified after an entire year of rallying, gathered around Albi, in the south of France, for one final event which will crown the winner for a year. 

Three Citroën C3 R5 are engaged in a very diversified R5 category : 

- Jean-Michel Da Cunha - CHL : Three victories during 2019 season including one with Citroën C3 R5

- Laurent Lacomy - CHL : Two victories in C3 R5 during 2019 season

- Patrick Benne - Chazel : First rallyes in the R5 category with C3 R5 during 2019 season


2019 French Cup Final highlights

The entry list of the 2019 french cup final, in particular in the R5 category, could be compared with no shame to a round of french tarmac championship. Many of the R5 drivers have already competed, and for some won, in said championship. 

Local driver Jean-Michel Da Cunha (Citroën C3 R5) opted for a safe start during day one of the rally and came back to service park in third, eleven seconds down from the lead.

The C3 R5 driver started day two with a massive performance in SS3, claiming back more than eight seconds from the leader David Salanon and climbing to second place overall. This was the start of an intense fight between the two rallymen. A fight from which the C3 R5 would win, seizing the lead of the rally in SS7 after three consecutive best times (SS5 - SS6 - SS7). 

At the end, Jean-Michel Da Cunha and Sébastien Durand (Citroën C3 R5, CHL) win the 2019 french cup final ahead of David Salanon (Skoda Fabia R5, +0,7s) and Antonin Mougin (VW Polo R5, +27,3s).


Congratulations to all crews

From the N1 to R5 category, from crew Nicoli-Galtiéri #203 to #1 of Fréderic Roussel  - Antoine Coulombel (Citroën DS3 R5), fourty five drivers and co-drivers participated in this event in a Citroën rally car. 

Peugeot Citroën Racing Shop and Citroën Racing adress their congratulations to all crews and a special acclaim to crews who won their classes in N1 (Ceugnet - Dekeyser), N2S (Lenne - Chantelauge), F2/13 (Guenec - Ricou), A6 (Hebrard - Boudou), R2 (Delorme - Delorme), A6K (Rey - Gines) and R5 (Da Cunha - Durand).


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