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Impressive C3 R5 One-Two finish in french tarmac championship with Bonato-Boulloud and Rossel-Fulcrand


As winner and runner-up at the 2019 Lyon-Charbonnières-Rhône rally, Yoann Bonato and Yohann Rossel confirm the high performance of C3 R5 on tarmac against a fierce competition in the R5 category.

2019 Lyon-Charbonnières-Rhône Rally Highlights

Organised in the French beaujolais region from the 18th to the 20th of April 2019, the Lyon-Charbonnières-Rhône rally is the second event in the French tarmac rally championship. The rally attracted more than 18 drivers in the R5 category, including two Citroën C3 R5 with last year's winner Yoann Bonato and Yohan Rossel, as 2019 Citroën Total official driver.

Yoann Bonato took a commanding lead of the rally during day 1, winning 5 out of 7 stages and came back to service pack with a confortable gap of more than 20s. Behind him, a fierce battle for the runner up spot has been engaged with three drivers (Q.Gilbert, VW Polo R5; Q.Giordano, Hyundai I20 R5 and Y.Rossel, Citroën C3 R5) within 1.5s.

After 4 new scratches in the first loop of day 2, Yoann Bonato and Benjamin Boulloud cleverly managed his lead to win 71st Lyon-Charbonnières-Rhône Rally and claim the first place in French tarmac championship. Yohan Rossel and Benoit Fulcrand steadily increased their pace along the rally, claiming 3 best times in the last loop and snatching second place away from Q.Gilbert in the very last stage of the rally, after a stunning battle.


2019 Rally Lyon-Charbonnières-Rhône Final Classification


  1. Y.Bonato – B.Boulloud
  2. Y.Rossel – B.Fulcrand : +24s
  3. Q.Gilbert – C.Guieu : +24,8s
  4. Q.Giordano – K.Parent : +49,6s
  5. N.Ciamin – A.Vilanova : +1:20,7s 


They said :


Yoann Bonato :

« It was a great race, a controlled performance and a good result for the championship. I knew that the C3 R5 would be strong on these stages. You can really make the most of the qualities of the chassis and the engine here, and we did just that! »


Yohan Rossel, Pilote Citroën Total :

« I'm delighted with the way my feeling improved as we completed more stages. We worked well with the entire team, and by the end, I was really managing to do what I wanted in my C3 R5, so that augurs well for the rest of the season. In all honesty, I was probably a bit short of experience on the first pass to really compete with Yoann, but we were very fast on the second runs. We need to keep it up now. »


Didier Clément, Responsable Promotion Compétition Client Citroën Racing

« Yoann and Yohan once again showed themselves to be excellent ambassadors for the C3 R5, the former reiterating his status as the man to beat in France and the latter confirming his undeniable potential. This one-two finish is a great result, achieved against some incredibly stiff competition. It goes to show how valuable and effective the ongoing development work done by our teams has been in constantly improving the C3 R5. »


Yoann Bonato and Yohan Rossel will race in C3 R5 at the 2019 Antibes-Côte d'Azur Rally, from 17th to 19th of may 2019 !


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