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Rally of Condroz : Winner Breen !


For its first participation in the Rally of Condroz, the Irishman Craig Breen has become an authoritarian manner at the wheel of the Citroën DS3 Racing R5 Burton.

Author of seven best times out of 22 that were tested, the Citroën Racing driver is kept constantly at the forefront. After digging a small advantage over his teammate Stéphane Lefebvre, the only one to challenge the supremacy of Breen was Cédric Cherain. Unfortunately, the winner of the 2015 is made a mistake in the final timed section of the day saturday.

The view was then opened to Breen who maintained his lead for a good twenty seconds Stéphane Lefebvre throughout 8 shows Sunday.


Stéphane Lefebvre fails for the second consecutive year to second place this event he enjoys. A somewhat laborious warm-up and especially a short box the second day, it was unable to fight for victory with Craig Breen. Author of pretty faultless Verschueren finally pockers the third place ahead of Xavier Bouche. Yves Matton, very verve Sunday (top three times) fails to 5th place, pocketing the very first unofficial driver of a car "WRC". Canal Manu Robles, playing his firs rally on WR, perfectly managed the presure and pitfalls of the course to finish in an encouraging 6th.


Penalized 1'20'' after a mechanical problem with the forced exit of a later regroup, Chris Van Woensel (Mitsubishi Lancer former WRC) had to sttle for 7th place, while he could claim the 4th.


After successfully a nice rally Wallonia, Adrian Fernemon confirms Huy he found the instructions of his Ford Fiesta R5 ending to a nice 8th place, before a Kris Princen (Peugeot 208 T16) delayed output drive and a broken clutch. Davy Vanneste (Ford Fiesta R5) complte the top 10.


Just behind, Oliver Collard emerged victorious from a beautiful fight between Mitsubishi fight between Mitsubishi drivers. He finally ahead of Anthony Martin and Michael Albert, respectively 11th 12th and 13th.


Win uncontested in two-wheel drive for Kevin Demaerschalk (Citroen DS3), 14th overall. The new driver RNT Guillaume De Mevius percfectly successfully entered in the wheel of the Peugeot 208 R2 Belgians colors by winning the high-hand its classe and integrating very beautilful way the top 15.


Except fo a few special neutralized due to minor road trips fortunately, this 43rd edition of the Condroz Rally took place in the best possible way, with a nice winner followed safety instructions and once again, the presence of a large audience.

See you in November 2017...


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